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Fish Gate 100 article by Digital Switching Systems

"Beyond Measure had an extraordinary idea to develop an on-board scale that would revolutionize the sport of fishing. They would call it the Fish Gate 100. They knew that not only did the Fish Gate 100 need to be the most accurate fish scale available, but it had to be able to lock in the weight and store the information in its memory bank. It also needed to be able to store information from the fish finder such as time, date, GPS location, water depth, and temperature."

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The Fish Gate 100 at the IBEX Launch

"I got such a kick out of these guys. Not only did they come to IBEX with an exceptionally innovative new product, but they seemed to confirm a couple of my pet theories. One is that even a tiny startup company still has a chance in the marine electronics industry. And the other -- which is definitely related -- is that NMEA 2000 can make it easier to develop new products which are usefully unique while still leveraging off and/or integrating with, existing systems..."

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"Innovation Beyond Measure"

"The Fish Gate 100 made by Beyond Measure has taken advantage of technology to make changes that will pay off for tournament anglers. In a sport that can literally be lost or won by an ounce this innovative scale technology will change things."

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"BASSIN Magazine"


The Fish Gate 100 is NMEA certified.