Introducing the Fish Gate 100  

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The Fish Gate 100 is NMEA 2000 Certified
The First Generation of onboard fish scales from Beyond Measure

The developers of the Fish Gate 100 On-board Electronic Fish Scale believe this product will change the way you approach and enjoy fishing. We have developed an on-board scale that will revolutionize the sport of fishing. The Fish Gate 100 contains multifaceted, must have technology that every serious fisherman will want in their boat.

The Fish Gate 100 will mount to the underside of the lid of your storage locker, recessing inside the locker less than 5 inches for minimal use of storage space. An additional lid is added into the existing locker lid, providing easy access to the Fish Gate 100.

The added lid, when opened, will reveal this remarkable scale. You will place your latest catch on an 8” x 30” aluminum tray marked for measuring the length of your fish. The scale will take multiple readings and lock-in to an accuracy of 0.02 oz.

The moment the weight locks in, it is immediately stored in the Fish Gate 100’s memory. At that same moment, it will also store information from your fish finder such as time, date, GPS location, water depth, and temperature. The Fish Gate 100's memory can store all this information for up to 150 fish. You will then be able to download this information onto your laptop or home computer. After downloading you can then add other pertinent information such as sunny, cloudy, raining, lure or bait used, etc...

There is also a monitor that displays the weights of up to 7 fish to make culling easier and faster. It also displays the total weight of up to 7 fish in the live well.

SATELLITE CAPABILITY: AN ADDED-ON FEATURE FOR THE PRO FISHERMAN AND TOURNAMENT COMPETITION. As the weight locks in, this component allows the Fish Gate 100 to transmit the weight and boat number to shore, providing the tournament officials and fans, live and up-to-the minute standings.

 John Winkler & Ron Litsheim