The Fish Gate 100 On-board Electronic Fish Scale

On-Board Electronic Weighing System

Fish Gate 100 • NMEA certified state of the art on-board electronic fish scale. • Digitally stores weight, GPS coordinates, water depth, temperature, time of day and date for up to 150 fish. • Streamlines tournament fishing culling process. • Capable of hooking up with transmitter sending via satellite total weight of fish in live well to Tournament Official’s computer. Fish Gate 100 Beyond Measure LLC introduces the Fish Gate 100, the first generation of fish weighing systems that fine-tunes, streamlines and sim¬plifies the capturing process of fish data and statistics. Incorporating space-saving hardware and digital technology, the system per¬forms capabilities beyond the weighing of fish. Accurate to .02 (1/6 oz.) weighing, the unit also includes an information display monitor and all necessary components to gather and store critical fish and catch environment data. Data is stored and transferable to PC com¬patible software making the organization and identification of catch patterns more efficient and accurate. The Fish Gate 100 includes push-button re-calibration of the scale after each fish is weighed, eliminating false readings due to water or slime build-up on scale. The benefits to the Tournament fisherman are in the culling process. The Fish Gate 100 monitor allows display of weights and tag numbers for up to 7 fish, allowing display of tag number of lightest fish to eliminate the confusion during the switch of tags and release of smallest fish. Monitor allows the option to display up to 7 different colors of tags. The monitor displays the combined total weight of all fish tagged in live well. When culling a new fish, the new total weight will automatically be displayed. The total weight of 7 fish will be accurate within 1 oz. The Fish Gate 100 provides fishing Tournament Officials the reception of data (via satellite) collected from each boat equipped with the Fish Gate 100. Each time a fish is culled and the on-board monitor displays a new total weight, only that weight and an assigned boat number goes to a PC on shore where Tournament Officials can display real time minute-by-minute information to tournament fans. Keeping deck free of obstruction, the Fish Gate 100 unit mounts to underside of storage or rod locker lid, recessing into locker only 5 inches. Additional lid is add¬ed into existing locker lid to provide easy access and storage for 8” x 30” tray. Opening added lid reveals anodized alu¬minum tray laser etched to measure fish in lengths of 1/4” increments. Locks in weight of flopping fish in moving boat ac¬curate to .02 (1/6 oz.). Gathers and stores additional information for up to 150 fish. Save weight, GPS coordinates, water depth, water temp, time of day and date for each fish. The Fish Gate 100 includes a PC cable and CD software to transfer data onto computer/laptop.