About Beyond Measure  
A Little Timeline History

In July of 2007 the idea for a scale which became knows as the Fish Gate 100 was inspired. Six months later we began the process of applying for a patent. Soon after we formed our company which would become known as Beyond Measure LLC.

We waited until we had our patent before pursuing making the physical aspects of the Fish Gate 100. We were very motivated because we believed this scale with its different functions was going to be very sought after. While waiting for our patent we came up with the company name and logo. At this time we contacted a company that would develop some of our software and came up with the name FISH GATE. We also started looking for someone to make the scale part of the Fish Gate 100. By September of 2009 we had our patent.

It was a challenge finding someone to help build the precision scale we needed and wanted. We thought we had found a company but after six months we knew we needed to look elsewhere. In the interim we had a prototype of our tray made. We also found another company who said they could make the scale. We worked with them for about two years until we knew again we needed to find someone else. And we did find a company to do what we needed. It is now early 2011.

It has become quite the adventure finding people to make something from just our ideas. Back in early 2010 we commissioned a young man who was only a senior in high school to develop our software for the home computer part of our product. He has proven to be a great asset to Beyond Measure LLC.

After acquiring all of the parts needed for complete units we assembled our first prototype.
By late spring 2011 we had several Pro Fisherman interested in putting the Fish Gate 100 in their boats for testing, but we decided to test one in our own boat first.
We’ve spent the last two summers testing in all kinds of different conditions and have had very good results.

By August 2012 we are ready to make our production units of the Fish Gate 100 and make it available to the fishing world.

This is a product that has been five years in the making and we believe you will find it to be worth all our effort.

It has truly been a labor of love and patience. Patience with people and love for fishing.


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The Fish Gate 100 is NMEA certified.